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GameSpite gets teary-eyed with Chrono Trigger


1UP's Jeremy Parish has a reputation for critical reviews and an unapologetic style, but when it comes to Chrono Trigger, he's as soft and cuddly as a moogle. On his personal blog, Parish has been waxing nostalgic on the classic Square RPG, which first hit the Super NES back in 1995.

Now in his second installment of the series, the rabid retronaut is walking readers through his experience of replaying Chrono Trigger, focusing on particularly salient gameplay moments and continually wondering why no game since has thought to copy CT's style.

It's a darn good question, too. Beyond the branching, epic storyline and the flat-out amazing soundtrack, Chrono Trigger introduced variations to classic RPG elements -- same-screen battles, the Millennial Fair as tutorial area, dual and triple techniques -- that remarkably few games have capitalized upon since.

Parish will undoubtedly continue to bring to light the finer points of Chrono Trigger's greatness. We'll do our part and keep our fingers crossed for a Virtual Console release of the title, however impossible that may be.

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