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i-mate announces dual-band JAMA handset


Color us underwhelmed on this one folks, the i-mate JAMA has just hit the streets and it brings little to the game but a small footprint. In a time of quad-band GSM and multi-band HSDPA, dual-band GSM in 900 / 1800 without EDGE, 3G, or even WiFi just don't cut the mustard. Other specs include Bluetooth 1.2, a Samsung 300MHz CPU, 64MB RAM, 128MB ROM, and Windows Mobile 5, which really nails the coffin shut on the JAMA. While there is some hope that this minimalist device will land with an absolutely stunning price point (we are talking low low, bargain basement pricing) i-mate's efforts usually ring in with premium-flavored pricing, and this little mobile definitely doesn't have premium written on it anywhere.

[Via Pocket PC Thoughts]

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