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Incoming Chinese OEM Blu-ray player

Matt Burns

Could this OEM model be the first Chinese Blu-ray player? It sure does look like it but deets are sketcy as all we know comes from the data sheet. The first line indicates that the G875 player supports the Blu-ray driver. (note: driver not drive) A quick glance at the provided pic and sure 'nough, the player does not have a Blu-ray logo affixed. That doesn't mean this player is just a pipe dream though. Hong-Kong based Gowell Enterprises manufacturer OEM products, then companies with names you recognize slaps their logo on. We sure hope this player sees the light of day however especially if the rest of the data sheet doesn't lie - HDMI 1.3, wireless networking, & SATA HDD port. Trust us pal, if anything surfaces about this player like price, release data or brand, we'll let you know.

[Thanks, Scott]

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