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iPhone cult status examined

Scott McNulty

It is one of the biggest clichés in tech writing: Apple engenders a cult like following the likes of which no other current technology company can. It is true that Apple fans can be a bit... rabid, but that seems to be a shallow look at the phenomenon.

That is why I was so interested to read this piece by Rocco Palmo on Busted Halo, an 'online magazine for spiritual seekers in their 20s and 30s.' Mr. Palmo is a devout Catholic and runs a gossipy blog dedicated to the goings on in the upper echelons of the Catholic Church by the name of Whispers in the Loggia. His article, entitled 'iPhone... God Machine or Tech Temptation' takes a look at the desire which Apple products, and the iPhone in particular, inspires in people. Palmo argues that this lust isn't a bad thing, for a number of reasons. Furthermore he says that it is Apple's creativity that draws people to its products and the fact that they just work.

I can't do the piece justice, so take a moment and give it a read. Even if you don't agree with him, you'll have to admit that it is an interesting take on the Cult of Mac.

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