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iriver's U:MO flash PMP pulls in satellite content, too

Evan Blass

There's nothing quite like wading through some unintelligible, mistranslated press releases to really get you jazzed up about a new gadget, meaning that we're practically falling all over ourselves to introduce iriver's second portable multimedia device of the day, the oddly-named U:MO. Sporting a mere 1GB of storage complemented by a miniSD slot, the QVGA 'MO's real appeal is evident from that nubby antenna sticking out the top, which allows it to pull in eight video and 40 music channels straight from the heavens -- thanks to satellite content from provider Mobile USEN. All your favorite file formats are supported -- unless you're a fan of a little-known codec called DivX -- and battery life is said to range from a little over two hours to a full 24 hours, depending on your mix of content. Sounds like the U:MO is hitting stores today, and not that the majority of you even care, but we haven't been able to nail down a price yet.

[Via Impress]

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