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Legal rumblings: Microsoft sues Immersion


In an interesting twist of fate, Microsoft has filed suit against Immersion, makers of rumble technology used in game peripherals. If the name Immersion rings a bell, it's because the company filed suit against both Microsoft and Sony in 2002 for patent infringement. Immersion and Microsoft reached a settlement in 2003, in which Microsoft paid $26 million to Immersion for licensing rights and a stake in the company.

Apparently, another part of the settlement also stated that Immersion would pay Microsoft "based on certain business and IP licensing arrangements." We're not exactly sure what those arrangements are, but according to Microsoft, Immersion is not living up to its end of the bargain. Hence, a suit has been filed.

Microsoft suing Immersion ... what's next, dogs and cats living together?

[Via Joystiq]

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