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Motorola Q9m in the wild


Well, it seems the Motorola Q9m has picked Verizon as its first CDMA home in the States and not Sprint as we had previously suggested -- though we aren't counting out this landing at Sprint yet. Our favorite early adopter The Boy Genius has gotten his mitts all over one of Motorola's newest and it is sporting Verizon livery (replete with lovely red accents) as proof of its new home. He seems pretty enthused about the keyboard on the Q9m and goes as far as calling it "fantastic" -- it adds a scroll wheel sorely missing from its GSM cousin and the rubberized back apparently really helps it stay planted in the hands. Of course, this ain't the final word on the handset previously known as "Nelson," but the moment we have the big picture on release date, pricing and all that other good stuff, we'll post it up here.

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