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Take-Two chair talks Wii and DS focus


When Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick isn't having secret meetings with Jack Thompson, he's actually trying to turn the embattled company around. Although Zelnick's predecessor, Paul Eibler, pledged support for the Wii last year, Zelnick is really driving the point home. During their Q2 earnings call, which has been fully transcribed, Zelnick says, "To be perfectly frank, I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to realize what's going on with Wii and DS. I will tell you that very quickly we turned to both 2K and to Rockstar and said guys, we need a DS strategy and a Wii strategy and we are working on it. As we get into the next quarter and into budget season for 2008, everybody in this company is completely focused on it."

Zelnick says that development cycles are long and sports games aren't good to develop "for a specific platform," but that they are looking to put more on the Wii and DS. Given the phrasing of the statement, it sounds like Zelnick is talking about games specifically designed for the Wii, which would be nice considering that Manhunt 2 may work out really well, or feel really flat, because it was designed for multiple platforms. Designing a game for numerous platforms may be good for profits, but if Manhunt was only designed for the Wii, it might have ended up a totally different game because of the focus on motion control.

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