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The fastest class to level with?


Breanni at has spent quite a bit of time evaluating the nine classes of World of Warcraft and ranking them based on DPS, survivability, speed buffs, and downtime. The result? A very informative discussion of the classes comparative strengths and weaknesses. Breanni's list, ranked from slowest to fastest, with some comments of my own:
  • Paladins: Excellent survivablity, but comprably poor DPS, even with a retribution build.
  • Warriors: Good DPS, but moderate downtime (fight, bandage, fight, bandage, fight, bandage).
  • Shaman: Reasonable DPS, but survivability and downtime issues. (How does a Shaman restore their mana? By sitting down to drink every third fight.)
  • Priest: Spirit tap makes downtime no problem, an.d a shadow build provides great DPS -- but not as good as other classes
  • Mage: Great DPS but poor survivability (cloth armor and low HP)and a good amount of downtime (pesky evocation cooldown).
  • Warlock: Capable of similar damage to a mage, but with pets and more health (usually), they have much better survivability.
  • Druid: A feral build provides great potential to do damage (cat form) and absorb damage (bear form). Combine that with healing ability, and you've got a great class to play.
  • Rogue: Excellent DPS and pretty high survivability, too (vanish, evasion, sprint, etc!).
  • Hunter: High damage, neigh unkillable in PvE, and if they ever do get in over their heads, they can feign death and get away without an annoying corpse run.
I have to agree with Breanni's choices for the bottom and top of the list, but I think a lot in the middle could be mixed around. (I think Warlock could compete for the number two spot, personally -- but I tend to play Demonology spec, while Breanni leveled with an Affliction spec.) But enough about my opinions -- what do you think is the fastest class to level?

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