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The Joystiq Weekend: June 16 - 18, 2007

Ross Miller

Nintendo and Sony united for a holy cause, picture provided to us by Joystiq reader Norm Wilson. Check out the highlights for the weekend:

Joystiq interview: Hal Milton, lead designer, The Agency
Today's full of stuff video: Beautiful Katamari
Today's which-one-is-evil comparison: Skate versus Tony Hawk
Today's please-play-play-better-in-person video: DK Bongo Blast
Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: criminal comic edition

Harry Potter website unleashes a little magic
GTA IV episodes confirmed Xbox 360 exclusives
Gamespot: Beautiful Katamari coming to Xbox Live Arcade
Independent Games Festival submission open call
Church of England thanks Sony for apology, it's not enough
A valiant attempt to get Xbox 360 failure rate answers
Watch the exclusive Red vs. Blue content without a Zune
Tomb Raider: Anniversary episodes hitting Xbox 360 in September
Blockbuster stores boast for Blu-ray
Sony not talking about rumble
Virtual Console Monday celebrates gentlemanly sport
Halo 3 viral marketing begins, countdowns and flyers galore
Dead or Alive movie dead on arrival
Take-Two chair talks Wii and DS focus
Legendary Pictures producing Diablo film
This Wednesday: Band of Bugs crawls onto XBLA (ick!)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 kicking this fall
New games this week: DiRT edition
3D Realms claims Earth No More
Take Two got $50M for GTAIV episodic content
McFarlane working on Halo 3 action figures
Microsoft sues Immersion over alleged breach of contract
PSP's Earthworm Jim gets the bird, goes 'on hold'
Tiltboard for Xbox 360 shipping next week for $40
Big Daddy's final look for BioShock limited edition
Marathon: Durandal runs away from German ratings board
80GB PS3 launches in Korea
EA reorganizes business into four labels
Soul Calibur IV's bountiful bouncing breasts bulge bigger
Afro Samurai going the way of the video game

Rumors & Speculation
GameStop: Wii Blaster due on June 27
Rumorang: Halo DS exhumed by IGN

Culture & Community
Indie gaming blog Gibbage turns into a portal
Fan crafts unofficial Super Mario Galaxy box art
The Guile to show SSFIITHDROMG
BlizzCon sold out, let the scalping begin
Gaming magazines influence boys' self-image
Father-son event at Nintendo world store
Nintendo Museum tour video, with 8 bit music
Drown your 360 sorrows with Ring of Fire parody song
Circuit City offers free copies of Shadowrun to Halo 2 Vista buyers
GameSpite gets teary-eyed with Chrono Trigger

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