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Time Crisis 4: FPS shooting for a new generation


One game easily stole the show at Namco Bandai's Editor's Day: Time Crisis 4. This PS3 exclusive title will feature support for the Wii-inspired Guncom 3. Having recently played the original arcade version, we can confidently say that the PS3 version will be superior in every single way. If you haven't taken a closer look yet, you should. This will easily become one of PS3's killer-apps amongst hardcore gamers.

The new Guncom takes advantage of Wii-esque technology, which allows it to be compatible with SDTVs and HDTVs of all kinds (previous Time Crisis console titles did not work with certain types of TVs). The new HD graphics are stunning: a vast improvement over the pixelated mess of the arcade original.

The single most exciting feature of the PS3 Time Crisis has to be its new FPS mode, which allows you to freely move around the world whilst using Guncom 3 to fire at enemies. By adding the precision controls of a light gun game into the FPS genre is certainly going to create a truly immersive experience. If Namco Bandai can nail down the controls on the game before its November release, we can't help but think that this game could potentially set the standard for FPS game control.

View the trailer after the cut, or download the trailer directly to your PS3 by visiting our website on your console.


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