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Tomb Raider: Anniversary episodes hitting Xbox 360 in September


Eidos UK has officially announced Tomb Raider: Anniversary for the Xbox 360, confirming almost all of the theories originating from the ESRB listing we unearthed earlier this month. We say "almost," because one of said theories had the game being distributed via antiquated catapult. That's clearly and unfortunately not the case, as Anniversary will initially arrive on the Xbox 360 as a set of four downloadable episodes incorporated into Tomb Raider: Legend. The publisher notes that this marks the first occasion of a full game being serialized on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

As suggested in the earlier article, the episodes should be split across the various locales Lara Croft explores and inevitably desecrates in the Crystal Dynamics remake of the 1996 original. Lady Croft's manor will be offered as a free download, while the complete set of episodes will cost 2400 MS Points -- $30 and on par with the cost of the already released PC and PS2 versions.

Eidos promises to release Episode 1 and Episode 2 in September, with the final two episodes following "shortly afterwards." Those bemoaning the fact that they've since traded in Tomb Raider: Legend (understandable!) or never bothered to pick it up (unacceptable!) can wait for a retail version of Anniversary to be released on Xbox 360 "later in the year."

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