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Foleo to spawn keyboard-less Treos?

Brian White

Ever since the first Treo smartphone was introduced in 2003 (remember the Handspring 600?), a staple of the Treo name has been the integrated keyboard. Palm co-founder Jeff Hawkins, who later founded Handspring (which was acquired... by Palm) has hinted at a future keyboard-less Treo. When Palm announced the ho-hum Foleo a few weeks back, much of the world was underwhelmed by the idea of carrying around yet another device. The catch here is that Hawkins believes future Treos may not need keyboards since apparently everyone will use a Foleo hooked wirelessly to a Treo for all that broadband goodness. Hawkins has a respectable track record, but this one seems far off the mark. Perhaps Levis can make a Foleo-sized front pocket in those new 505s, eh?

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