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It's no movie, but FOX will handle Halo 3 licensing

Dustin Burg

Over the weekend Variety ran a story reporting that 20th Century FOX has partnered with Microsoft to become the primary merchandise licensor for the Halo franchise. But such news has been twisted as some media outlets picked up the story and are instead reporting that this confirms the once stalled Halo movie is back in production. Sorry folks, as much as we'd love to hear news that our Halo movie dreams are coming back to life the Variety article makes no mention of such resurrection. To be fair, the article does mention the Halo movie when setting up the story and talking about Microsoft and FOX's previous relationship ... but that's it. We know, it hurts us too.

So, you can expect a crazy amount of licensed Halo goodies this Fall, but don't bank on the Halo movie going into production anytime soon. And if you think about it, getting a Halo 3 lunchbox is just as good as a blockbuster movie ... right guys? Right?

[Thanks Nitin, Via Filmwad]

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