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Laptop Mag revisits tech support showdown


After some success with last year's undercover excursion, Laptop Magazine is once again taking one for the team and testing out laptop manufacturer tech support. This year their faux-problems were system tray icon clutter and hard drive defragment. Last year Apple and Lenovo took the top prize, and while Apple continued to shine with stellar web support and speedy phone techs, Lenovo dropped to a B+ overall grade, and was replaced by Gateway at the top of the PC heap. Toshiba was the biggest gainer, with a solid B+ after a horrible D- showing last year. HP sunk to a C+, while Acer continued to stink it up with a C-, particularly impacted by the company's worst-by-far D rated web support. Hit up the read link for a full breakdown of scores and the heroic tales of Laptop Mag's tech support adventures.

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