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Retail murder: ESRB rates Manhunt 2 'Adults Only'

GamePolitics is reporting that Take-Two, publisher of Rockstar's controversial Manhunt 2 (which was rejected by the UK's BBFC today) has confirmed that the game has received the retail kiss-of-death from the ESRB: an Adults Only rating. What does this mean for Take-Two? An AO rating ensures the title will not be carried in many mainstream family-friendly retail establishments (think Wal-Mart), reducing possible sales and making the path to profitability even more burdensome.

Take-Two can appeal the decision and dispute the AO rating, but something tells us this game has become a line in the sand that ratings boards, eager to prove their efficacy, won't cross. The ESRB's website hasn't been updated with the new rating just yet. More on this story is (surely) forthcoming.

Update: MTV News spoke with a representative for Rockstar who, when asked if the AO rating would result in a delay, replied, "That's the last thing we want, but it's too early to say."

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