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The HMS-41 auto-HDMI switch: 1.3a and Simplay HD certified... not that it matters


That was quick. Just a day after showing you an HDMI 1.3 switch requiring manual intervention, we get this: the automatic HMS-41 QuadMax switch. Not only is it HDMI 1.3a compliant, but it will automatically sense, then source the detected live input for display on your television. When multiple sources are hot, the unit will even default to a user defined priority. Sound familiar? That's because this box looks to be every bit the OEM'd cousin of Radiient's HDMI switch. We have it from Radiient that their current box is also HDMI 1.3a compliant albeit lacking support for one important optional subset of the spec: 1080p in Deep Color. So are you really willing to take the chance with this box PS3 owners? For what it's worth, the HMS-41 (like the Radiient switch) brandishes a US-centric, "Simplay HD" certification. A pointless rubber stamp if such oddities can go through without alerting the consumer whom the certification is meant to protect. The HMS-41 will cost ya about ¥60,000 or $486 for the 4-inputs available when it ships in July -- a not so subtle reminder to count those HDMI inputs when purchasing your flat panel.

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