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Widget Watch: Tweet Ahead for scheduling Twitter posts

David Chartier

Twitter means many things to many people, but to some it is more or less a mini-blogging service, offering users a streamlined blogging platform that allows for both posting and syndication via a wide variety of methods. One downside of Twitter, however, is the inability to schedule posts ahead of time. Sure, there's always been the web-based TweetAhead, but now that service has been packaged in a Dashboard widget. Offering a simple interface, you simply need to flip the widget over to enter your Twitter credentials and set your time zone; after that, you're all set to enter tweets and specify a time for them to be posted (but be sure to heed the time zone instructions on the back of the widget).

Strangely, after tinkering with both the TweetAhead web app and this Dashboard widget, I can only get either to work intermittently. Sometimes the tweets I schedule get posted, sometimes they don't. I assume this could be due to Twitter possibly not offering any official methods for actually doing this, but that's only a guess.

Still, if you have better luck with these services, they can be a handy tool for anyone who wants to schedule tweets in the future.

[via, ironically, Yohannes Wijaya's Twitter feed]

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