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Beautiful Katamari fact sheet shows only Xbox 360


According to an official Namco Bandai fact sheet (found after the break) Beautiful Katamari is coming to Xbox 360 ... and that is all. Siliconera dug up the sheet and adds another log to our crazy katamari of news surrounding this title. Even though the game is just more of the same gameplay we've come to enjoy from the series, the story behind all this maneuvering is becoming the interesting tale.

Maybe it is time to just to make an absurd list of what people think will happen next and we'll check back on it when the next Beautiful Katamari incident occurs -- see if anybody is on the mark. Siliconera goes on to say that the game is probably a timed exclusive, considering GameFly still has their info up for all three systems (and they don't just make stuff up), it's the best information we've got until Namco Bandai makes a clear statement on what's really going on.

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