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Doritos wants you to Unlock Xbox

Dustin Burg

You dream it. We build it. That's the slogan for the latest Doritos/Xbox contest called Unlock Xbox. The contest starts tomorrow and its overall goal is to get users to submit their video game ideas and create one of the coolest games evar! The catch is that your video game idea has to incorporate the Doritos brand in some way, so Nazi soldiers or dismemberments need not apply. Judges will choose the top five ideas which will be made into betas where people visiting the site will be able to download and critique the offerings. Then, a favorite will emerge and will win the right to be placed on the XBLA. Yes, you read the correctly. The winner will see their video game creation grace the XBLA as well as receive a great Xbox 360 gaming setup.

Start getting your ideas together, whip up something cool, and eat a few bags of Doritos, because there's prizes to be won and fame to be had. Just think, you could be the lead designer of your very own XBLA game ... w00t!

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