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DS Daily: DS ... Liter?


It's almost (min)E3 time, and you know what that means -- wanton speculation. That's right, game fans, it's time to hop on the rumor train. So what's the story? You won't believe it. No, really.

An all new DS. And no, we don't mean a new color. We here in America, we don't get new colors, because we apparently don't buy enough Brain Age.

As rumors go, the idea of yet another DS redesign is not terribly un-possible. We saw several versions of the GBA, after all. But seriously, how small can we really go? Sometimes we already confuse it with the checkbook -- and our pals with larger hands occasionally complain of a little cramping as it is. And are bigger screens or a streamlined design necessary? Do we need a different (better?) DS? You decide.

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