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More drakes! OK, stop drakes.

Eliah Hecht

We're now in Arena season 2, and in theory, those in the top 0.5% of their battlegroups should have received the 310% speed armored nether drakes as a reward for their prowess. However, there seem to have been some...issues with their distribution. According to this thread and the above picture (thanks for the tip, Robodex), the drakes have been making their way to well over the mandated 0.5% on the European realms. Whereas according to several threads in the US forums (still down), people that know they should have received their drakes are not getting them. Blizzard's looking into it:

We're currently in the process of investigating instances where the end-of-season rewards may not have been provided to teams that should have received them. As we're still in the process of collecting information and investigating we're unable to comment at this time on what exactly occurred, or if there was indeed an error in how the rewards were provided based on the stated criteria.

We'll provide more information as soon as we have a clear and final idea of what the issue is and how it will be addressed if necessary.

Do you have an armored nether drake? Are you supposed to?

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