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Sonic Rivals 2 hitting PSP this Fall


Sega today announced Sonic Rivals 2, a sequel to last year's somewhat three-dimensional PlayStation Portable platformer. The sequel once again sees the blue 'hog racing against the absurd creatures claiming to be his pals, this time joined by the timid and potentially psychotic Miles "Tails" Prower. The press release is keen to point out that Sonic Rivals 2 features "a revamped rival 'jostling' gameplay system for tighter head-to-head competition," which certainly sounds like a good thing.

Other good things mentioned include single-disc Wi-Fi multiplayer battles, a more robust card trading and collection system, a Free Play mode that lets you tackle single-player levels at your own pace and character signature moves that "fit their varied personalities." All of them variations on "annoying," we'd imagine.

Sonic Rivals 2 arrives on PSP this Fall, joined by the DS Sonic sequel, Sonic Rush Adventure.

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