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    TomTom DUO / Eclipse AVN2210p get reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Granted, we can't imagine Eclipse's AVN2210p appealing to more than a minuscule chunk of you out there, but we can't help but take note when someone rips apart their dash and drives around with it for days on end. The mettlesome crew at GPSReview was able to take the multifaceted device for a literal spin, and while they weren't thrilled with the tricky installation, lack of an included traffic kit, and the omission of text-to-speech, everything else seemed peachy. The TomTom DUO that slots into the in-dash device churned through routing at a respectable pace, and the touchscreen management of the internal functions seemed to delight time after time. Of course, it's hard to say whether or not replacing your double-DIN stereo with this conglomerate is a logical step to take, but if you were tabling this do-it-all creation until some kind words were spoken, we'd suggest giving the read link some thorough attention.

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