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Ubisoft CEO refines message, Sony's PS3 price is right


Ever wonder if gaming executives wake up in the morning and go, "What outrageous thing can I say today that I'll retract or refine in the future?" Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot last month called for a PS3 price cut, a sentiment shared last week by Sony über-boss Sir Howard Stringer. Well, looks like Guillemot has refined the message a bit, saying that a price cut is necessary to bring more consumers into the fold, but that the PS3 had "a great launch" and that Sony has "sold a machine that is actually expensive to build at the right price for consumers." He goes on to say that he thinks it should just "have a price that will make more people come in."

Guillemot continues to refine his message by saying that the last-gen consoles were at a lower price and that impacted sales in a "huge" way. If you look at the fact that so many games still come out for the PS2, it's still in a publisher's best interests to keep making games for the system that they know people own and has a higher probability of sales -- it's all about install base. Plus, the spread is even better developing for PS2, because PS3s play PS2 games (well, at least most of them).

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