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Continuous Play can bring your PS3 back from the dead

Jem Alexander

We all know the PS3 is an expensive piece of kit. When you spend $600/£425 on a piece of machinery, there's always a healthy dollop of paranoia that comes packaged with it. Now Sony are looking to sell you something which will help: peace of mind.

The Continuous Play service promises a two-day turnaround on broken PSPs, PS2s and PS3s. All they ask in return is a monthly fee of £2.49 for PSPs and PS2s and £4.99 for PS3s. In the event of your console being disabled due to clumsiness, unexpected cheese incidents or acts of Godzilla then Sony will replace it.

At the moment it's only available in Europe and, for the price, it looks like a pretty decent service. Despite the reliability of the PS3's hardware, it's nice to know that even if the cat does knock it into the fishtank you're only a couple of days away from a replacement.

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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