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iPhone data plans to surface before launch day

Darren Murph

Another day, another rash of iPhone rumblings for the fanatics. As we sit just over a week away from the launch, a piece in USA Today gave way to the fact that Apple's forthcoming handset is to thank for "2,000 extra sales people" joining AT&T's force -- some of which will actually remain long-term to assist with the barrage of new customers. Additionally, it was (unsurprisingly) noted that larger markets would get a greater quantity of phones, but those who can't snag one immediately can place "mail orders" that should be shipped out "in three to five days." Most interesting, however, is the conversation surrounding the elusive data plans; initially, it was insinuated that customers would be forced to wait until the 29th in order to learn about the potential option(s), but a followup over at iLounge allowed AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel to clear things up. He stated that folks would know the details "before the 29th," and while we've no idea what kind of price premium you may face, he also claimed that it wouldn't "be anything exotic." Of course, you'll hand over just about anything it asks in order to take one home, right?

[Via AppleInsider]
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