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iStat menus 1.0 released

David Chartier

Last month, the iSlayer crew allowed us to review a beta copy and post a screenshot gallery of iStat menus, their new full-blown app that brings system statistic and resource tracking to the menubar. Known widely for their iStat line of high-quality Dashboard widgets, iStat menus ushers in a new era of customizability and - as I discovered in my review of the beta - noticeably better performance and less resource requirements (hey, it's only fair to test how many resources are used by tools designed to track resources and system statistics). Unfortunately at the time, iStat menus was in a private beta, which meant our dear readers weren't able to get their hands on their own copy.

Until now - iSlayer today has announced the availability of iStat menus 1.0. As far as I can tell, not much has changed from the beta I saw in May, but that simply means that an awesome, streamlined app for monitoring your system stats in the menubar has only gotten better since then. Amazingly, iStat menus is still provided as freeware (no, seriously: I would try to get the iSlayer crew committed if I knew where they lived) with the rest of their vast collection of widgets and apps, so grab a copy and start keeping an eye on your system from the comforts of Mac OS X's menubar.

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