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Sir Howard proclaims with PS3's help, Sony "is on a comeback"

Peter Vrabel

The always cheery Sir Howard Stringer awoke from his six-month hibernation tossed a few nuggets of positivity to investors at the annual shareholders meeting in Tokyo. First, he announced the company is on the road to recovery and held the PS3 in high regard as "vital" for a successful Sony future. Pronouncing that "production problems have been solved" he went on to ease investors likely nervous from the last earnings report by reassuring them of the cyclical nature of console profits. "We always lost money in the hardware, initially and recover that money gradually," he said. And in downplaying his non-Japanese citizenship, he beat his chest and exclaimed, "I am not a foreigner. I am a warrior." Uh-huh. Perhaps if he wore a headdress and performed a tribal dance, his warrior statement would've been more compelling instead of just ... silly.

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