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Sony: 380 new PlayStation 3 games this business year

At the annual shareholder's meeting in Tokyo today, Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer announced that 380 new PlayStation 3 games will be available this business year stating, "Attractive game software is the key to accelerate PS3 growth over the next year." The breakdown is 200 retail, 180 online in the year to March 2008.

Sir Howard, we most certainly couldn't agree more and, after seeing some of what you have in store at the Gamer's Day event, we're confident you're not just yanking our chains. But 380 new games? In addition to the 150 currently on the system as reported by Reuters? Wikipedia has a list of 232 titles that are either released or currently in development, so our simple math would indicate an absence of some 300 titles. We think it's gonna be a busy E3 this year ...

[Thanks, theburn16]

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