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StarCraft II playable at BlizzCon


For Aiur! If you missed out getting your tickets to BlizzCon, this news will probably be even more disappointing. Blizzard informs us that StarCraft II will be playable at the Aug. 3-4 BlizzCon event being held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. Demo stations will be set up at the convention and attendees will even be able to experience multiplayer battles.

Now, Blizzard is notoriously slow and anal about their games. Does this demo mean that StarCraft II is further along than we thought? Let's just keep calm and say no for now. It's always safer to do that with Blizzard. Attendees of E3 2005 got to play StarCraft: Ghost ... and look what happened to that. Yup, it's better for StarCraft fans attending BlizzCon to think of this as a bonus, but it's nice to dream the game is further along than anybody guessed.

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