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Starfox 64 promo video reveals that Nintendo used to be a bunch of jerks


Back in 1997, Nintendo sent out a promotional video for Starfox 64 to Nintendo Power subscribers, all of whom were probably going to buy it anyway. The video shows some footage of the game and discusses its features-- including the Rumble Pak, which makes Starfox 64 "the coolest cinematic gaming experience there is."

But mostly it revels in some mockery of Sony and Sega, who are personified as cackling kidnappers in logo shirts. They grab a flightsuited Nintendo employee and some unspecified scientist guy at Nintendo, and force them to recite a press release about the game. Somehow during the proceedings, an N64 and the game show up. The two competing console reps can't help but totally get into some awesome 4-player split-screen action. We expect this kind of attack ad from Sega (who did what Nintendon't) but not from Nintendo!

This video didn't have its intended effect on us. Mostly it just made us realize how much we want a Sega logo t-shirt.

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