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Viewsonic launches three new LCDs, starting at $599


Viewsonic is updating its line of low-priced HDTVs with three new 35 Series LCDs, available now. The N2635w, N3235w and N3735w layer a piano black finish over their 1,366 x 768 resolution, 8ms refresh time and 500 nits of brightness. Sure these might not sport the awe inspiring specs of some resolution hogs, but since the 37-inch and 35-inch models hitch their 1,200:1 contrast ratio to $899 and $699 price tags, respectively, along with the 26-incher's 800:1 contrast ratio and $599 SRP, you can still afford a house to show them off in...or to hide your 720p shame from 1080p-enamored friends.

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