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Epicenter Studios planning to fight fire with... Wii


Despite Mega Man's interpretation of the subject, a fireman is designed to put out fires, not to start them. Yes, we said "designed." Mega Man actually got that part right -- firemen are, in fact, super efficient robots. According to upstart developer Epicenter Studios, they're also the perfect subject for a video game on Nintendo's Wii. The studio, comprised of former producers for the Call of Duty, Shrek, Spider-Man and Star Trek franchises, recently announced a Wii game by the name of Real Heroes: Firefighter.

Gamasutra describes it as a "firefighting action puzzle game," one that has the Wiimote becoming a water hose, a fire axe or a crowbar (for saving people, not bashing aliens!). The game also features "Thinking Fire" technology meant to incur "unexpected changes to the environments that will suddenly alter the player's options and strategies." It sounds an awful lot like real, dumb fire to us, but we'll take anything given today's glaring lack of Burning Rangers 2. If the game finds a publisher and makes its planned 2008 holiday release, we'll see whether or not those flames are intelligent enough to spread to the sales charts.

[Via Wii Fanboy]

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