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New Folklore screens and video, new grabbing technique, new everything! [update 1]

Nick Doerr

Sure, the game launched in Japan to rather confusing reception (supposedly selling only 7,000 copies its first day, but proclaimed sold out in numerous locations), but we still love to see new information surface about the game. We don't know if it's a system-seller, but we do know the game is sporting some incredibly stylish art direction and positively stunning visuals. A third movie was released, detailing a new level, new summons, and a new way to grab the soul of boss monsters. If you just can't get enough of this game, feel free to look over the recently updated official website for some more art, screenshots, monsters, and game details. If you can read Japanese, of course.

[Update: fixed the first week supposition to first day. In that light, not all too shabby, really.]

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