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Price drops on HD DVD / Blu-ray players boost sales -- surprised?

Darren Murph

Captain Obvious has swooped in to bring us the latest sales bit from the world of high-definition players, and the results are nothing short of unsurprising. According to data gathered since the recent rash of price cuts -- particularly on standalone HD DVD players -- HD disc players have seen noticeable jumps in sales. Citing Sony's recently slashed BDP-S1 and Toshiba's bargain-priced HD-A2, various analysts and company spokespeople were unanimously upbeat by the recent (and unseasonal) uptick in sales. Notably, Universal Studios' Ken Graffeo claimed that he "realized over the last couple of months that the audience was not perceiving $499 as a great value, but the $299 to $399 range really hit the sweet spot." Maybe so, but get these suckas below the magical $200 point and watch the mayhem really begin.

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