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Guilty Gear waggles into the US, leaving glitches in Japan


Aksys Games, publishers of Hoshigami Remix on the DS, have announced that they're localizing Guilty Gear XX Accent Core, the fifth revision of the third entry in Arc System Works' totally metal 2D fighting series. The new version includes 2 new characters, A.B.A. and Holy Order Sol. Aksys claims that A.B.A. has "never been seen outside of Japan," a claim that is only true if nobody bought Guilty Gear Isuka.

In addition, Siliconera found a post on Aksys's official forums stating that they'll be fixing the bugs that were prevalent in the Japanese PS2 release. We consider "not being broken" a significant gameplay feature.

Finally, in a decisive victory for Internet linguists everywhere, the official press release advertises, in addition to Gamecube controller and Classic Controller play, "Waggle controls exclusive to the Wii!" It's, like, an official term now.

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