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Jaffe's warehouse pics possible studio space in Utah [update]


After swearing off blogging earlier this year, God of War and Calling All Cars mastermind David Jaffe returned weeks later to post images from what appear to be an abandoned warehouse. The pics have recently been confirmed to be in Utah, which just happens to be the location of Incognito, the studio Jaffe collaborated with on Calling All Cars. Jaffe's recent post on the future of videogames as "SHORTER, LESS EXPENSIVE" projects instead of marathon development periods may hint at the direction the studio will take when (if) it comes to life.

To clarify, Jaffe is not moving to Utah and is still an employee of SCEA. 1UP speculates the studio space could become a "full fledged company or [fill] a more focused role within Sony" and the idea of Jaffe traveling back and forth between Utah and San Diego (as he did with Calling All Cars) "sounds on-target". More here.

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