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Phoebus 3G router converts PCMCIA data card into WiFi

Darren Murph

Yeah, this trick most certainly has a thin layer of dust on it, but there's just something special about a portable pyramid that turns your average PCMCIA data card into WiFi. The 3G Phoebus MB6000 purportedly plays nice with "most cellular PCMCIA cards on the market today" sans drivers or complicated software installations, which enables plug 'n play access to your data network regardless of current location. Aside from turning your card into a wireless access point for multiple users to connect to, it also enables wired Ethernet connections and a security suite that will only allow authenticated users to view the network. Such a fine convenience, however, was bound to come at a rather steep price, so you should probably make sure you'll be spending an awful lot of time surfing on the go before shelling out $299.95.

[Via ChipChick]

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