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Sonic the Hedgehog turns 16


Today is Sonic the Hedgehog's 16th birthday. He was cute as a baby and burst into the world with the delightful Sonic the Hedgehog. As of late though, he has certainly been experiencing the highs (Sonic Rush) and lows (Sonic on Xbox 360) of being a teenager. However, like a 16-year-old, Sonic may finally be coming into his own after Sega said that their mascot is going on a blue ambition reinvention tour.

The most shocking news of Sonic's reinvention isn't even his pairing with Mario for an Olympics game. Something that we might have cared about and made our head explode in the the early '90s. Nope, the most shocking news came two days ago when BioWare (Mass Effect, Knights of the Old Republic) announced that they were working on a Sonic RPG for the Nintendo DS, the game is expected in 2008. Who knows, maybe when Sonic turns 18 he'll be cool again. And then he can go pick up a pack of smokes from the corner store, fly to Europe, and party to the point where he forgets everything between the late '90s and now. Happy birthday Sonic!

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