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How would you change Windows Mobile 6?

Evan Blass

While some of you have no doubt been running Windows Mobile 6 for a few months or more already (thanks, XDA developers!), the majority of the world is just recently getting its first taste of Microsoft's latest mobile operating system from new devices like the Sprint Mogul and updates to others like the T-Mobile Dash. The critics have certainly been, um, critical of the new OS, to say the least -- "evolutionary, not revolutionary" seems to be the general consensus -- but until we're allowed to behold the glorious light that is Photon, it's the best we've got for now. Still, while WM6 has beefed up Office support and arguably improved the tethering sitch, there are a number of issues that users have been griping about for years which have curiously yet to be addressed. Where's the tabbed browsing in Pocket IE? How come we have to rely on pricey third-party apps to make a decent Today screen? And the old favorite, why can't we have the choice of "managing our own memory" and using that damn "X" button to actually close an app?

These are just a few of the complaints that have been making the rounds about an OS that feels like its definitely in need of a serious refresh -- if for no other reason than to draw some of the hype away from splashy young competitors; so, what do you think: what could Redmond have done differently this time around?

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