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Mac 101: the lozenge button

Mat Lu

One of my pet peeves involves installing software (of which we do a lot here at TUAW). You download and mount the DMG disk image and you're presented with a Finder window that looks like this. Now you're supposed to drag the icon (Camino in this case) to the Applications folder. But how do I get to the Applications folder? It looks like I have to open another Finder window and navigate there. Sometimes there will be a convenient alias to the Applications folder, but the Camino developers seem to have neglected this. Furthermore, my Finder sidebar is hidden, so I can't easily drag and drop to the Applications folder alias I have there.

Well fortunately there's an easy solution to this little annoyance that involves the little button that's come to be known as the "lozenge." It's that little gem-like button on the top right of OS X windows, and what it does is reveal or hide toolbars. If you click on it in the Finder it will show or hide your tool- and sidebars. So in my case here, if I just click the lozenge I can see my sidebar again (see picture after the jump) and it's easy to install the application. The lozenge works the same way in other applications, and you can use it to hide toolbars when you want more screen real estate for your window content. If you command-click the lozenge it will cycle through the toolbar options.

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