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College librarians urged to think like gamers, play more games


During the annual meeting of the American Library Association, a packed room of crusty academic librarians received some new-fashioned advice: Play more video games. Speakers urged fellow bookworms to bridge the divide between today's students ('digital natives') and themselves ('digital immigrants') by playing games, developing organizational systems that don't require training to use ("We should never read before we play"), and hosting after-hours LAN parties. Solutions remained conceptual, and attendees were encouraged to return to the murky depths of their university stacks and start experimenting.

This just in...
three undergraduate students are thought to be missing after entering a mysterious green pipe; installed in the east wing of Yale University Library early Monday morning. A handwritten note taped to the pipe reads: To Level 8-1. Elsewhere, a University of Texas sophomore claims to have encountered a spike-shelled, fire-spewing creature guarding the school's Rare Book archive, though she later admitted to ingesting a large mushroom found stashed behind some Mycology texts. When asked why she ate the mushroom, the young woman said she was told it would help her reach the books on the top shelf. A campus official noted that librarians had recently removed all stepladders from the premises.

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