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Hollywood eyes the iPhone

Scott McNulty

iPhone fever, have you caught it yet? It would seem that Hollywood has. The iPhone has set the cellphone market on fire (even though almost no one has used it yet) and Hollywood has taken notice. They are now scrambling to work out deals with a variety of companies to serve content to the iPhone (and other cellphones as well) according to the New York Times.

The movie industry has largely ignored the mobile phone market mostly because historically the only phones that would offer a pleasant viewing experience (i.e. sport a large screen) have been limited to phones targeted to the corporate market. Apple has the consumer in mind, and that is an audience that Hollywood knows, and wants to sell things to.

Even if the iPhone fails (which is a pretty big if, but possible) it will have lasting ramifications on the cellphone industry. People will expect more, and there are some companies out there that seem to finally be getting that.

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