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Pricing "expert": Apple could've charged more for the iPhone

Chris Ziegler

It's great to know there's someone out there looking out for the big guy, making sure prices stay high, profits stay fat, and iPhones cost the better part of a grand. That's Rafi Mohammed's job, author of "The Art of Pricing" and head of the dubiously-named consulting firm Culture of Profit. In a recent interview with Blogging Stocks, Mohammed commented that while Apple was on the money with the 4GB iPhone's pricing by keeping it under the psychological barrier of $500, it could've realistically charged far more for the 8GB model in light of the tremendous buzz it's been treated to. His advice to Apple for future iterations of the iPhone, then? "I'd advise Apple to moderate its discounting and consider setting higher prices when it rolls out models with new features." Alright, dude, enjoy your $800 3G iPhone down the road.

[Via Tech Digest]

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