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SanDisk Cruzer Contour flash drive improves your looks


We've all been there: you're at an important meeting, Henderson asks you to see the Smith report, you reach for your flash drive to get the files and the entire room bursts into laughter because of your cheap looking storage device. Well SanDisk wants to help, and has, with its new Cruzer Contour. The "stylish" drive comes in 4GB or 8GB configurations, sports a trendy blue LED, and uses a sliding cap to protect the USB connector. On data transfer speeds, the company says it's twice as fast as its previous high-end offering, although it seems to have the same performance specs as the last Cruzer Contour model we saw in January. Regardless, thanks to SanDisk, you will never again suffer the humiliating jeers and jokes of your coworkers -- at least when it comes to flash storage.

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