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Sony E3 invite hints at Killzone 2 unveiling


We love receiving mysterious packages at Joystiq HQ and are particularly enamored by the ones that don't violently explode upon their opening. The card pictured above matches the latter description, though it seems to indicate that demolition and destruction is nevertheless in our near future. The card glibly invites its recipient to attend a unique two and a half hour Sony event on the evening of July 10th, just as Min-E3 gets underway.

Unless Sony has taken a very interesting approach to promoting the next SingStar, the disagreeable fellow on the card implies that Killzone 2 will be the event's focus. Considering the event's length and the game's brief showing at GDC, a playable version of the anticipated shooter seems increasingly likely to appear. Once we finally see whether or not it lives up to the infamous 2005 prerendered trailer graphically, we can move on to more pertinent questions like, "Is it any fun?" We suspect we'll have an answer next month.

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