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Today in Joystiq: June 25, 2007

Ross Miller

Flickr user Universal Donor made a smaller version of Carcassonne to fit in an Altoids tin. "I know this stupid, but I like creating versions of my favorite games that can fit in an Altoids tin," he writes -- we think it's cool, though. Check out the highlights for today:

The Guessing Game: Sony's E3 showing
Joystiq at the Ninja Gaiden Band concert
Today's most retro action game: Die Hard (NES)

Believe it or not: Zelda in Smash Bros Brawl
F-Zero X, Street Fighter II Turbo rush onto Virtual Console
Nintendo officially bigger than Sony in Japan
New games this week: The Darkness edition
PSP firmware hack drives Lumines sales
Nicole Kidman the pretty face of More Brain Training DS
Newsweek's Croal, MTV's Totilo hands-on with Manhunt 2
This Wednesday: Carcassonne taunts from the castle wall
Pokemon takes Wii online in US
Concept trailer for LEGO Universe: building, battling, bricking
Sony tells PSP devs to get creative, attract customers
Romero unearths unreleased Doom music
Insomniac lands 8th in the '50 Best Companies to Work For' list
Analysing the $1mil acquistion of WoW database site
Shadowrun developer gets honest (or scary)
Square Enix: No PS3 games (Final Fantasy XIII) until after April 2008
Third-party HDMI cable coming for non-Elite Xbox 360
Turrican remake released, rocks you like a Hurrican
ESRB seeks to rate game trailers
GameTap 'leaks' franchises coming to service
Cory Barlog talks E3 inside the developers studio

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: Hitman film trailer premiering with Die Hard

Culture & Community
MacArthur Foundation funds NYC school to teach 'Gaming Literacy'
Wiimote mod gets NES Zapper zappin' again
Nintendo hearts the environment
College librarians urged to think like gamers, play more games

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