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All five i-mate Ultimate devices to land in September?


It seems i-mate is making good on its promise from earlier this year by delivering its Ultimate line handsets in one 5-round salvo. While i-mate has chosen Singapore as the base of operations for its spring into new Asian markets, we do hope some of these will still trickle over here -- though we doubt they will carry any North American-carrier branding. i-mate CEO Jim Morrison commented on i-mate's ability to customize the new handsets to individual user's needs, and while we're loving the idea of customizing something, we're worried about the process. Another tasty tidbit is i-mate's newfound focus on the bundled software; its new suite will apparently offer tools for remote wipe, the ability to push updates (corporate users rejoice) and even the ability to remotely lock the handset down. We were a bit down on its last announcement, but this news has certainly renewed the shine we all once held in our hearts for Dubai's best, now let's get those shipped.

[Via the::unwired]

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