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'E3 Up in Smoke' funeral could be the event of Min-E3


You (yes, all of you) are cordially invited to independent publisher Gamecock's E3 funeral and wake (celebration) of originality. The "E3 Up in Smoke" event will begin the final day of Min-E3, Friday the 13th of July at .... wait for it ... 4:20PM. The marching procession will begin at the EIEIO headquarters in the Hotel California (1670 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica) and lead to someplace we assume will have fire -- given the idea of a Viking funeral had been implied previously.

Gamecock says the event is designed to join friends, colleagues, and unemployed-booth-babes-in-mourning, for a "final goodbye to the magical beast that was E3." But it's not all sadness and gloom. They plan to wholeheartedly celebrate a resurgence of independence, originality, and creativity to come in the gaming industry. They also tell us to expect very special guest eulogies, music, and good times, "flavored with Gamecock's own secret sauce." It's certainly a big way to end Min-E3 and a nice thing that anyone can attend. Goodbye E3, we do miss you, and we'll be sure to celebrate your life properly at the funeral.

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